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Deforestation (its influence on the Carbon Cycle and relation with Global warming)

Deforestation is the process made BY HUMAN that destroys forests due to cutting trees, fires to obtain wood or farming lands.

This process devastates habitats and alterates the carbon cycle how? well I will explain with this images

this should be normal carbon cycle plants take CO2 from the  atmosphere transform into nutrients and O2(photosynthesis) then animals eat nutrients from plants and O2 from atmosphere and transform into energy and CO2(respiration). by here is easy to understand and we had to add human

human produces more CO2 to the atmosphere by cars fabrics and other ones.

now is the moment to explain the effect of deforestation in the carbon cycle.

we cut trees so there are less ones to do photosynthesis and transformCO2into O2 and nutrients habitas are destroyed and animals dont survive then the CO2 expulsed by fabrics is acumulated into atmosphere this makes greenhouse effect increase, increasing the temperature of the earth and causing global warming.

what we have to do is reforestation that is replanting trees placing the older ones to maintain the habitat and keep on doing photosynthesis.

information: based on wikipedia and previous knowledge of carbon cycle.

images me and google


Questions ??

why is a problem deforestation?

What can we do to prevent it??


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the panda it’s a big animal that looks like a bear and it’s white with black spots. It comes from china and eats principally bamboo.

This animal is in danger of extinction because they have been in captivity and haven’t reproduce enough to maintain the population, to save the panda we have to protect wild pandas in reserves.

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by: pilar legido

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Those little fish take the food that the shark doesn’t eat and they have protection, the shark doesn’t get anything but it doesn’t lose anything this is an example of COMENSALISM!

images from:

information from: Tuesday’s class


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Animals in river Ebro

Bullhead, silurus glonis

 It’s a freshwater fish that was introduced in Ebro in 1974 has reduced communities of autochthony fish. It can grow 300 cm and 150 kg.


madrilla, chondrostoma toxostoma

It is a fish native of Ebro, medium-sized usually does not exceed 25-30 cm in length. His body is elongated.


Florida’s Galapagos, trachemis scripta elegans

 It’s a exotic turtle with a Shell of 30cm of long. It’s a strong predator.

Galapagos leprous , mauremys leprosa

It is a native turtle its Shell is flattened with a variable color tones in brown or green.  Shell’s length can exceed 20 cm .


zebra mussel, dreissena polymorpha

it’s a molusc with a shell that has dark brown or black bands, it’s exotic and can cause damage wherever they are installed.

margaritona (Margaritifera auricularia)

 is one of the largest freshwater mollusks known as nymphs, native of river ebro. 

american river crab, procambarus clarkü

It’s an exotic crab that is wiping out native populations of their relatives from their first appearances in the mid-70’s.


Native Crab (Austropotamobius pallipes)

It’s a native arthropod with a body covered by a hard exoskeleton.

European castor, castor fiber

It was Illegally introduced recently found extensive damage to trees on the bank, mainlywillows and poplars.


American vison Neovison vison

It’s a carnivore mammal and exotic that survives in Ebro because it hasn’t got its rival. 

information of: -wikipedia 


images of google images

work by pilar and tamara

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Lamarck and his theory principles

Lamarck’s theory was that if an organ or a body part ( arm, neck, leg…) was used a lot, it becomes stronger and if it wasn’t used it would get weak so he thought that these changes would be passed to their offspring.

For example a giraffe uses its neck to obtain food but some day the giraffe wouldn’t be tall enough to catch its food so he would have to stretch his neck and  it would get stronger and longer, then baby giraffes would inherit longer necks.giraff

But his theories were disproved by experiments  and are no believed because physiological changes can’t be passed through genes because only changes on genes can be passed on.


images by pilar legido

information of biodeluna


How to make GMOs

To create a GMO consist basically in  introducing a desired gene artificially into an organism’s chromosomes

To make genetic modified organism we have to follow a process:

1º We “cut” with restriction enzymes the required gene end we ligase it into a bacteria’s plasmid.

2º The bacteria divides and the desired gene duplicates.

3º We mix the bacteria with the organism, the DNA of the bacteria enters cell’s nucleus of the organism and the gene integrates the organisms DNA.

4º We let the organism grow.

5º We split the organisms with the desired gene from the ones that don’t.

6º The GMO grows and has the characteristic of the desired gene.

Image from http://www.living-intentionally.com/ It’s a caricature of GMO.

We use GMOs to improve the characteristics of an organism introducing a gene from other organism that has a property that benefits the other organism  functionality.

Here and here you have  games shown in class to explain GMOs.

Pilar Legido

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GMOs argumentative text

GMOs argumentative text

I’m for GMOs because it’s a greatest way to improve genetically organisms so imagine what quantity of things we can do!

Talking about crops we can do several things like improving food characteristics:  quality, taste, growing time, resistant to pesticides herbicides plugs and numerous others. About animals we can change its genes to make them healthier or resistant to some diseases and among others. If GMOs can do all this extraordinary things they can’t be bad.

People that are against GMOs and said that we will no recognise Organic food from genetically modified food are wrong. They can find food labelled as organic and if it’s labelled as organic or made with organic ingredients cannot include any ingredient that is genetically modified.

In conclusion I think that this idea has to be studied and developed to obtain GMOs with no risks but now I will say that there aren’t as horrible as some people said.

pilar legido 😉

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