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Nitrogen cycle

The nitrogen cycle: Nitrogen in the atmosphere passes to the ground and there occurs the nitrogen fixation in the bacteria in the root nodules of legumes and in bacteria in soil. Then it takes ammonium and passes to another bacteria that is nitrifying. After that it takes nitrates and there are two options: or it passes to a bacteria that is denitrifying or it can assimilate by plants,in the first option the cycle willbegin again and in the second option it will pass to amino acids and proteins in plants and animals,after that it will pass to detritivores and it will turn into ammonium by decomposition.


Information taken from the image (google images) and from biology’s notebook.


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Iberian lynx in danger of extinction

The iberian lynx is a beautiful animal but it’s in danger,  many lynxs were killed by speeding vehicles. The Iberian Lynx is in danger of extinction, with 100-120 surviving individuals, 37-47 cups born this year and 21-26 females in the wild. Is necessary to take drastic actions to save this big cat species. One form to save iberian lynx is by buying wine with real natural cork, to help support and maintain of the cork forrests in spain (the lynxs habitat) Habitat loss is a major threat, including the destruction of the Mediterranean cork oak forests. The iberian lynx have already become extinct in Portugal and we don’t want lynxs to became extinct in our peninsula.

Please try to save Lynxs.

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A bird lives in a tree, it has a house and food and the tree doesn’t suffer any damange. It’s an example of commensalism

The image is taken from google images 🙂

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Alfred Russel Wallace

  Alfred Russel Wallace, (8 January 1823 – 7 November 1913) was a British naturalist,    explorer, geographer, anthropologist and biologist. He is best known for independently  proposing a theory of evolution due to natural selection that prompted Charles Darwin to publish his own theory. He was considered the 19th century’s leading expert on the geographical distribution of animal species and is sometimes called the “father of biogeography”.

Wallace was one of the leading evolutionary thinkers of the 19th century and made a number of other contributions to the development of evolutionary theory besides being co-discoverer of natural selection. These included the concept of warning coloration in animals, and the Wallace effect, a hypothesis on how natural selection could contribute to speciation by encouraging the development of barriers against hybridization. Unlike Darwin, Wallace began his career as a travelling naturalist already believing in the transmutation of species.

The concept had been advocated by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Geoffrey Saint-Hillarie, Erasmus Darwin, and Robert Grant, among others. It was widely discussed, but not generally accepted by leading naturalists, and was considered to have radical, even revolutionary connotations. Prominent anatomists and geologists such as Georges Cuvier, Richard Owen, Adam Sedgwick, and Charles Lyell attacked it vigorously. It has been suggested that Wallace accepted the idea of the transmutation of species in part because he was always inclined to favor radical ideas in politics, religion and science, and because he was unusually open to marginal, even fringe, ideas in science.

He was also profoundly influenced by Robert Chambers’ work Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation, a highly controversial work of popular science published anonymously in 1844 that advocated an evolutionary origin for the solar system, the earth, and living things.

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Against GMOs

Against GMOs

I’m against GMOs because they have genes that can mutate with harmful effect; the artificial insertion of genes could encourage mutations in food.

It can have negative effects in human health like:

–       Allergenic genes can be transfer to other species causing dangerous reactions in people with allergies.

–       Mixing of GM products in the food chain. For example the GM maize variety Starlink, intended only for animal feed, was accidentally used in products for human consumption.

–       Transfer of antibiotic resistance

What’s wrong with the genetic engineering?

Like green peace organization said genetic engineering enables scientists to create plants, animals and micro-organisms by manipulating genes in a way that does not occur naturally. GMOs can spread through nature and interbreed with natural organisms, contaminating non ‘GE’ environments and future generations in an unforeseeable and uncontrollable way.

This is a video that explains that GMOs are bad for health and you can consume it without knowing it: http://www.youtubecom./watch?v=p_LGt1sw0NE&feature=related

The geneticist David Suzuki said “Any scientist who tells you that knows that GMOs are safe and not to worry about it, is either ignorant of the history of science or is deliberately lying. Nobody knows what the long term effect will be.”
Inés Rubio 🙂

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What is it?



this video is from youtube

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