Deforestation (its influence on the Carbon Cycle and relation with Global warming)

Deforestation is the process made BY HUMAN that destroys forests due to cutting trees, fires to obtain wood or farming lands.

This process devastates habitats and alterates the carbon cycle how? well I will explain with this images

this should be normal carbon cycle plants take CO2 from the  atmosphere transform into nutrients and O2(photosynthesis) then animals eat nutrients from plants and O2 from atmosphere and transform into energy and CO2(respiration). by here is easy to understand and we had to add human

human produces more CO2 to the atmosphere by cars fabrics and other ones.

now is the moment to explain the effect of deforestation in the carbon cycle.

we cut trees so there are less ones to do photosynthesis and transformCO2into O2 and nutrients habitas are destroyed and animals dont survive then the CO2 expulsed by fabrics is acumulated into atmosphere this makes greenhouse effect increase, increasing the temperature of the earth and causing global warming.

what we have to do is reforestation that is replanting trees placing the older ones to maintain the habitat and keep on doing photosynthesis.

information: based on wikipedia and previous knowledge of carbon cycle.

images me and google


Questions ??

why is a problem deforestation?

What can we do to prevent it??

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