Ecology Task Homework on the blog

image by *inSOLense

  1. Carbon cycle (general)- Bea Aznar.
  2. Photosythesis and respiration (related to Carbon cycle) – Tamara Cruz.
  3. Greenhouse effect (natural and anthropogenic)  – gases & effects – Sara Escribano.
  4. Deforestation (its influence on the Carbon Cycle and relation with Global warming) – Pilar Legido.
  5. Nitrogen cycle (Including the terms: fixation, ammonification, denitrification and assimilation) – Inés Rubio.
  6. Acid rain (realtion with N Cycle, gases and consequences) – Silvia Vinués.
  7. Eutrophication (realtion with N Cycle, causes and consequences) – Nerea López.
  8. Fertilizers (organic and inorganic, and their environmental consequences)- Belén Mercader.
  9. Decomposers importance in the ecosystem (what are they and what do they do?)- Samuel Quílez.
  10. Types of pyramids (numbers, biomass and energy) – Martín Ramos.
  11. Wastes (the 3 Rs rule) – Andrea Rubio.
  12. Energy classification (difference between the 2 groups, and types of energy) – Jara Villar

Do a good work in order to get a good mark from it. Please, do not copy and paste from the web and do not forget that your post should have:

  • Personal explanation (use your own words).
  • Image and/or video
  • Sources of information.
  • A couple of questions.
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