Monk seals

By Tamara Cruz Ortega

Monk seals are aquatic mammals and It hasn´t got external ears. You can not turn their hind flippers forward under the body and its skin is covered with hair. The monk seal is named for having a fat ring behind the head. Monk seals live in warm waters and belong to the genus

There are three species:

  • The monk seal of the Mediterranean (Monachus Monachus).
  • The monk seal of the tropical Indean (Monachus Tropicalis).
  • The monk seal of Hawaiian (Monachus Schauinslandi).

The monk seal of the Mediterranean is one of the 10 most endangered mammal species inthe world. In Spain, contained in the category “endangered” National Catalogue of Endangered Species.

Today only about 500 copies are distributed between the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic
persecution by fishermen, the reduction of coastal fisheries, pollution and habitat destruction.

Nowadays to prevent the hunting of monk seals and the extinction of them we have to reduce the fishing and to pollute and destruct their environment without sea pouring harmful products and preventing them from reaching shore and kill slowly on account of that dozens of monk
seals over the years.


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