Iberian lynx in danger of extinction

The iberian lynx is a beautiful animal but it’s in danger,  many lynxs were killed by speeding vehicles. The Iberian Lynx is in danger of extinction, with 100-120 surviving individuals, 37-47 cups born this year and 21-26 females in the wild. Is necessary to take drastic actions to save this big cat species. One form to save iberian lynx is by buying wine with real natural cork, to help support and maintain of the cork forrests in spain (the lynxs habitat) Habitat loss is a major threat, including the destruction of the Mediterranean cork oak forests. The iberian lynx have already become extinct in Portugal and we don’t want lynxs to became extinct in our peninsula.

Please try to save Lynxs.

Information taken from http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/mar2005/2005-03-09-03.html

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