The Tiger

The tiger is native to Asia. Tiger is solitary and territorial animal, that it lives in forest and also in savanna. The tiger is the largest feline in the world. Male tigers have a weight between 100 and 306 kg and 220-330cm in longitude including the tail. The females, much smaller, have a weight of 85 – 167 kg. and a total logitude of 210-275 cm.

Most tigers have an orange coat and stripes varies from dark brownto black. The shape and number of stripes vary according to theirsex (if it is  female the number of stripes is lower).

Nowadays, the biggest enemy of the tiger is the human, to take it fur and bones. Tiger bones have been used in traditional Oriental medicine,although today this practice has been prohibited in China. The illegal hunting to obtain the skin, and habitat destruction have reduced the wild tiger population.

Information of wikipedia.

By Beatriz Aznar


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