Evolution Webquest

First give a look at this Evolution game and then watch this video  Teacher’s Guide to: Evolutionary theory and answer the quiz questions.


After that  visit an read  some of these ppts:

Or the ones in biodeluna tagged as Evolution.

Answer these questions:

  1. Define Evolution.

  2. What did Darwin noticed thanks to the Beagle voyage?

  3. Write the main points of Lamarckian evolution theory.

  4. Write the main points of Darwinian evolution theory.

  5. Why is Lyell related to Darwin´s theory?

  6. When did Darwin do the Beagle voyage? How old was he by then?

  7. Explain the key concept he found in the finches to propose his theory

  8. When did he published the book presenting his theory of evolution? What was the title of this book?

  9. What are homologous organs? Give example.

  10. Make a list with the evidences of evolution.

  11. Who thought of a very similar theory to Darwin´s one?

  12. What is the basis of Neodarwinism?

  13. What are the causes of variation according to Neodarwinism.

  14. Find out what is “Co-Evolution

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