Animals in river Ebro

Bullhead, silurus glonis

 It’s a freshwater fish that was introduced in Ebro in 1974 has reduced communities of autochthony fish. It can grow 300 cm and 150 kg.


madrilla, chondrostoma toxostoma

It is a fish native of Ebro, medium-sized usually does not exceed 25-30 cm in length. His body is elongated.


Florida’s Galapagos, trachemis scripta elegans

 It’s a exotic turtle with a Shell of 30cm of long. It’s a strong predator.

Galapagos leprous , mauremys leprosa

It is a native turtle its Shell is flattened with a variable color tones in brown or green.  Shell’s length can exceed 20 cm .


zebra mussel, dreissena polymorpha

it’s a molusc with a shell that has dark brown or black bands, it’s exotic and can cause damage wherever they are installed.

margaritona (Margaritifera auricularia)

 is one of the largest freshwater mollusks known as nymphs, native of river ebro. 

american river crab, procambarus clarkü

It’s an exotic crab that is wiping out native populations of their relatives from their first appearances in the mid-70’s.


Native Crab (Austropotamobius pallipes)

It’s a native arthropod with a body covered by a hard exoskeleton.

European castor, castor fiber

It was Illegally introduced recently found extensive damage to trees on the bank, mainlywillows and poplars.


American vison Neovison vison

It’s a carnivore mammal and exotic that survives in Ebro because it hasn’t got its rival. 

information of: -wikipedia 


images of google images

work by pilar and tamara


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