Rivers and Ecology Task

Image from  here.

  1. Water importance and water uses. How can we save water? Sara e Inés.
  2. Rivers in Zaragoza city. Nerea y Belén
  3. Plants in river Ebro (at least 10). Martín y Samuel
  4. Animals in river Ebro  (at least 10). Tamara y Pilar
  5. Retired river Ebro meanders at La Alfranca and Juslibol. Andrea 
  6. Aloctone species: Catfishes and zebra mussel in River Ebro. Jara, Bea y Silvia

This blog task is to be posted before april 29th, then you have to read your friends posts and this way we prepare our excursion to visit the rivers of the city on april 29th. On that day you will have to do a presentation (explanation) of your work (about 10  minutes) which will give you another mark for this term.

In case you find any technical problems to upload your work either send me an email with it or save it in a pen drive to give to me on twesday 26th.


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  1. The 3 rivers excursion. 4 ESO « Biodeluna

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