Eastern homework on Evolution

Here are the topics for your Eastern homework on Evolution to do on the blog.

In every post you should include at least an image and a personal explanation, plus your sources of information.

  • Names referring to Evolution
  1. Lyell – Bea
  2. Félix de Azara. Tamara
  3. Malthus
  4. Lamarck and his theory principles.Pili
  5. Alfred Russel Wallace. Inés
  6. Chales Darwin brief biography.Silvia
  • Darwin´s theory
  1. The Voyage of the Beagle and Darwin´s theory-Nerea
  2. Natural Selection Theory- Belén
  • Evidences of evolution
  1. Biogeography- Samu
  2. Fossils- Martín
  3. Comparative Embryology – Andrea
  4. Comparative Anatomy: Homologous, Analogous & Vestigial Organs. – Jara

DEADLINE: April 26th– On that day you could be asked in the classroom about the content of your work.

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