How to make GMOs

To create a GMO consist basically in  introducing a desired gene artificially into an organism’s chromosomes

To make genetic modified organism we have to follow a process:

1º We “cut” with restriction enzymes the required gene end we ligase it into a bacteria’s plasmid.

2º The bacteria divides and the desired gene duplicates.

3º We mix the bacteria with the organism, the DNA of the bacteria enters cell’s nucleus of the organism and the gene integrates the organisms DNA.

4º We let the organism grow.

5º We split the organisms with the desired gene from the ones that don’t.

6º The GMO grows and has the characteristic of the desired gene.

Image from It’s a caricature of GMO.

We use GMOs to improve the characteristics of an organism introducing a gene from other organism that has a property that benefits the other organism  functionality.

Here and here you have  games shown in class to explain GMOs.

Pilar Legido

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