For GMOs. Sara Escribano

Opposite to popular belief, GMOs or transgenics are not harmful to our health or the environment and neither unlabeled.

Genetic engineering can now carry out in few years and in a controlled way , which previously could take decades or centuries, or achieve effects that before were only in the dreams of the farmers. Thanks to GMOs, crops can be made more resistant to pest outbreaks or weather, and animals in farms can produce higher quality foods, therefore, both farmers and buyers are benefit.

Nowadays starvation is the leading cause of death worlwide, this may be because in many poor countries even they can sow, their crops have lack of nutrients. Stientists to fight against hunger have, for example, developed rice and wheat with an extra charge of vitamin A.

Transgenic plants are being used to produce vaccines, proteins and other pharmaceutical products.

GMOs will reduce the environmental impact of food production because no hervicides or pesticides will be needed.

The unlabeling of transgenics is not true at all, we can perfectly recognize labelled organic food in our supermarkets.

In conclusion GMOs are fully useful and completely necessary.

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