GMOs argumentative text

GMOs argumentative text

I’m for GMOs because it’s a greatest way to improve genetically organisms so imagine what quantity of things we can do!

Talking about crops we can do several things like improving food characteristics:  quality, taste, growing time, resistant to pesticides herbicides plugs and numerous others. About animals we can change its genes to make them healthier or resistant to some diseases and among others. If GMOs can do all this extraordinary things they can’t be bad.

People that are against GMOs and said that we will no recognise Organic food from genetically modified food are wrong. They can find food labelled as organic and if it’s labelled as organic or made with organic ingredients cannot include any ingredient that is genetically modified.

In conclusion I think that this idea has to be studied and developed to obtain GMOs with no risks but now I will say that there aren’t as horrible as some people said.

pilar legido 😉

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