First term- Geology Topics

Hi guys!

First term almost finished… it´s time to look a little bit back with our next work to be done.

Choose a topic and then publish a post in this blog with a good summary work about it. Remember, do not copy directly from the web or if done tell the reference, include diagrams, pictures, drawings and may be videos too, and do not forget to write links to all the webs you have visited (webgraphy).

If you have any technical problems with the blog posting ask me or any of your colleagues some time before the deadline.

Deadline: 9 Dec. 2010.

List of topics.

  1. Types of rocks and rock cycle.
  2. Alfred Wegener & Continental Drift
  3. Plate tectonics theory.
  4. Type of plate boundaries.
  5. Volcanoes.
  6. Earthquakes.
  7. Folds
  8. Faults
  9. Orogenies
  10. Absolute and relative dating.
  11. The history of the Earth.
  12. Fossils

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